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XMT Entertainment specializes in Audio Video solutions for small events and functions, business meetings, church organizations, coffee houses, bars, private events and more. We are available anytime to help with your​ audio needs at your location or anywhere else. We also offer professional podcast audio editing, production services and music programming and format design for commercial broadcasting.


Last Minute Rentals 
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About Us


With over 20 years of experience in a variety of sound and music programming applications we offer an affordable solution to meet your pro audio needs.

If your system is not working properly we can troubleshoot the configuration and find a solution and to get your system up and running. 

Feel free to call or text us anytime and we will help.


Our Services


​- Sound Equipment Rental

- System Setup & Troubleshooting

- Home Audio Applications

- Commercial Radio Ad Creation

- Mobile Podcast Studio Design

- On Location Live Streaming Audio

- Custom Music Programming

- Last Minute Rentals

- Sound Equipment Sales

- Available 24/7

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